Hi everyone! Last week during ADE, The Fabulous Shaker Boys, Buddha 2 Buddha and my team created an incredible night out.  It was super exciting to be able to organise this extravagant party at one of the most extraordinary locations in Amsterdam, the Intercontinental 'Amstel Hotel'. I felt blessed to perform in the beautiful “Mirror Room” on a very special and little crazy DJ booth for so many wonderful people. My co-pilots for the night where Beauriche from Breda and Jen (one half of Me&Her).

There was a launch of the new Buddha 2 Buddha watch line, which was absolutely spectacular with for example synchronized swimmers in the Amstel river (!!) and last but not least we used this party to shoot some footage for the video for my new track 'Can you feel it?’.  ft Gwen McCrae. 

I want to thank the guests that visited the party for coming and for everyone else here are some impressions and i will keep you updated when the next one is going to take place!