It's throwback thursday and I'm going to make it a habit to post stuff from the past on here and describe a little of what some memories mean to me and whatever lessons I think I may have picked up along the way that are worth sharing. 

This time its about a dj mix I created for the restaurant of someone very inspiring I met some years back. His name is Sergio Herman and he is arguably the best chef the Netherlands has ever seen, a culinary visionary so to speak. When I created the mix in 2013 he was in full blast and on top form running his 3 star michelin restaurant 'Oud Sluis' and serving some of the best dishes I have ever had the privilege of eating. Last year Sergio decided he had created the summum of what was possible within the confines of this restaurant inherited from his father and decided to close Oud Sluis right at the peak of its fame. Was this the end? No because every end is also a new beginning and so he and Nick Bril started a new restaurant called The Jane Antwerp..They received their first michelin star last week..

The moral is that however comfortable a situation might appear true artists will never settle for a status quo and will always look for ways to improve his or her work even if this means tearing down what was carefully build.