Hi everyone! Today's post is all about Sander. We thought of 10 questions for Sander to answer to get to know him a little better. When you think of another question, feel free to leave a comment!

1.  How did you become a DJ?

I was asked to DJ for a school party by my fellow class mates back in 1987. It truly was a homecoming type of experience as I always felt a little lost in the crowd as a young boy. Behind the decks I could hide behind the music and really, I have never looked back or questioned my decision to do this for a living.

2. What do you enjoy more, being in the studio or performing?

I really and truly love dj-ing. My relationship with the studio is more of a love/hate kind and I think it has to do with my personality. being a bit of a perfectionist the studio process can be extremely stressful as it is all about compromises. Behind the decks you don’t have time to think too long about your choices, alone in a studio behind a screen at 2 in the morning without a deadline provides a very wide window to question everything. I often don't finish projects or terminate ideas simply because of this hurdle. Think of the 10 ideas that didn’t make it and light a candle ; )

3. What is your favourite city in the world and why?

I'm super in love with Buenos Aires. It has a certain hard edged vibe about it that I enjoy a lot, the people are honest and carry the right kind of pride with them, the food is robust and spectacular, the streets are very romantic and every night it just screams “carpe diem”. I'm saddened by the political and financial problems the country faces but I'm aware that it's this same instability that forces the people to be creative and enjoy life as it comes everyday.  

4. Where do you live now?

I very happily live in Amsterdam, this city has progressed so much in the last years, the cultural possibilities are endless and almost all the musea had a recent refit (I love going to the museum!). We have ADE every year and I very much enjoy downtown's restaurants and nightlife. If any of my fans need some advice on this city they can always ask me a question on Twitter.

5.  How did you evolve in the studio in the last 2 decades?

Wow. That's a big question. First of all let me tell you that it has been a crazy ride from how I started to where technology is now. As I said before in this interview I have a love/hate relationship with the studio and I think the way that producing music has evolved has something to do with this. Back in the day everybody was more bound by the restrictions of the studio’s possibilities where as now you are sometimes more caught up in its endless possibilities. For instance, back in the day you could only work on one track at a time as you could not recall a session the way it is now, there was a clear incentive to “finish” something as it would free the room up for a new idea. Now you can simply safe your idea and move on to the next one, I know this may sound weird to younger people but having to go through these changes is one of the most difficult things I went through in my career. Learning to manage the endless possibilities and making hard choices is not easy. I have only recently come to full terms about this and finally learned how to deal with them in a new and more productive way.

6. Remixing or original production

A remix usually comes with a deadline, a clear idea and this is very helpful to get the job done, but the fulfillment that comes from finishing your own ideas from scratch is unparalleled and although it causes pain and frustration, the reward you get when you're playing your own tune out to people is the best feeling. 

7. Where do you get your inspiration?

It depends what kind of tune it is, instrumental tunes are often more inspired by sounds and ideas that I pick up from the music that I listen to, to be honest. When I write a lyric it's often drawn from a personal experience. And let's not forget nightlife!! I absolutely love the nightlife. It's the fuel of a lot of my actions. To provide people with a soundtrack for the night of their lives is my lifelong mission.

8. What is your DJ set up?

For my festival sets and the “bigger” stages I dj with the help of video by using pioneers DVJ technology. It's simply music and video files burned onto DVD discs that work the same as vinyl, cd’s or digital files, (pitching, scratching, looping etc.) the only difference is, there's an extra video element that's in sync with the music that creates great synergy without compromising the flow of my set.  When I was searching for a way to enhance dj-ing with the help of video the problem I always found was having to compromise on the one thing that makes dj-ing so incredibly effective, playing the right record at the right time. When you pre-plan your sets to much you have the risk of not being able to “connect” in the right way with your crowd. By using this technology I can have a large impact without compromising my music flow. For me this is a perfect solution to have a large stage presence and still the freedom to experiment musically. Something that makes dj-ing so incredibly adventurous and exciting.

9. What are your plans for the future?

If the crowd let me, I will continue to make a musical difference wherever I can.

10. What is your favorite quote?

"Applaus is like food for an entertainer. The more and harder  you applaud, the harder the artist will work for you." - Art Blakey