Hey guys!

Wanted to share some pictures with you guys from last Saturday, it was incredible to be playing at Graanbeurs in Breda. I can surely say one of the most legendary places for dj culture in the Netherlands, Breda is a small city in the South of the Netherlands with around 180.000 inhabitants but its biggest claim to international fame is that it has brought us 2 of the biggest dj’s the world has ever seen, both Tiesto aswell as Hardwell played at the Graanbeurs in the early days of their careers, Tiesto actually was a resident there for 9 years, especially the Thursdays where he dj’d at the smaller side bar called Spock became legendary. Last saturday Hardwell had a rare night out and was supporting his local friend dj’s Funkerman and Beauriche who where also on the line up and I took a chance to pick his brain on all the things that made Breda so remarkable and the stories where great to listen to, it became pretty apparent why Hardwell is such a successful guy because basically he is that same enthusiastic kid he was years ago when he went record shopping with his mom at the record store Tiesto worked at.. 

It was a privilege to dj in this sacred place for dj culture and when I saw the crowd reactions I understood why Hardwell, Tiesto, Funkerman Beauriche and all the other Breda born and raised dj’s are so dedicated and successful, the crowd gives a lot back. 

Have a great week!